Are You Being A Faithful Steward To God?

Are You Being A Faithful Steward To God?

“They saw everything, Hezekiah replied. I showed them everything I own – all my treasures. Then Isaiah said to Hezekiah, Listen to this message from the Lord Almighty. The time is coming when everything you have – all the treasures stored up by your ancestors – will be carried off to Babylon. Nothing will be left says the Lord.” (Isaiah 39:4-6)

Can any us not think of a time when we had to show off some new thing we got or victory we had won. I can think of several. How easy it is though, to cross the line between showing an interest to others and showing off for self. Our attitude is often one of ownership, of pride in our possessions.

‘I showed them all I own – all my treasures’. Although Hezekiah sort to follow the Lord, he learnt a lesson worth remembering.

‘Those in frequent contact with the things of the world should make good use of them without becoming attached to them, for this world and all it contains will pass away.’ We can be sure that most things can be put to good use, including our possessions. God provides for us, and what He provides should be used. We do not need to reject His provision. However, how we use it determines where our heart lies.

Two things must not be ignored. Everything belongs to the Lord and all the world contains will pass away. ‘God, the Lord, created the heavens and stretched them out. He created the earth and everything in it.’ Do not be mistaken, the Creator has ownership of all the earth. What has He not given you? What can’t be called on to be used for His purposes? When we become attached to what we have, we are no longer open to God’s leading in its use. We as God’s people, His sons and daughters, should not cling to the things of the world.

Too often this hinders our fruitfulness, it limits our usefulness. Our attitude should be one of stewardship, knowing that all we have must be ready to be used for the King’s reign. All we have is His and ready for when He calls.

To take it further, why would we an eternal people cling to that which will ‘pass away’. In the end we cannot keep a single thing. But why would we want to, when the Provider is with us always?

Why is becoming attached a problem? Apart from the two things mentioned above, it becomes a matter of trust. When we cling to what we have, we begin to trust in that rather than the one who provides it. Crazy right? I guarantee that we (all of us) have already at some stage done just that. We rely on the money we make to provide for our needs. Yet we know that the Father will provide for us. We rely on a doctor to provide for every ailment, but God can and will provide healing where none can.

Added to this, is the fact that, it is not only physical things that we can see and touch that become a problem. We may possess unique strength, or a business mind for making money, or the ability to lead people. Then, we start to trust in these things to get us through the day, to survive, to get us whatever we need and to find contentment. To trust in these things will only lead to sorrow, but to trust in the Lord is the greatest gain.

Do not let these words apply to you, ‘Nothing will be left says the Lord’. We are privileged to have what we have, however small and all that we do have are for His purposes. Let us live as we should, as a people of eternal things, as sons and daughters of a providing Father and as ones who trust in Him alone. In no way will we ever be disappointed.

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