Let Us Tell of The Lord’s Greatness

Written by Shonda Leath

27 March, 2017

“Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness; let us exalt his name together. (Psalm 34:3)

May this be our thought every time we wake up. Our passion through every day and night, through joy and pain, quiet and storm and as much a part of us as our hands and feet are to our body. If one could leap up off a page, I say Praise Him! Exalt Him! Shout His Glory! Echo His Name! May these words be an encouragement to those who read them. May God spark a never ending flame of passion for all that He is.

There is much to praise God for. No, perhaps you are in a place that you feel such a statement is not true? One thing is certain, we do not and cannot speak His praises enough. Let this Psalm reveal just a few things we can always give Him praise for. ‘Freeing me from all my fears’ and ‘He set me free from all fears.’ What an amazing statement. Free from ‘all’ fears, not just some but ‘all’. Just last week we looked at being surrounded by a mighty army and the fear we would have. ‘Though a mighty army surrounds me.’

Christ gives us peace in every circumstance and oh, He is definitely worthy of praise because of it. ‘Will be radiant with joy’ and ‘the joys of those who trust in him!’ With that peace comes an everlasting joy. Imagine, even at the worst times in our lives, we have joy. Someone passes away, we have joy. The worst day of our lives, we have joy. Every plan fails, we have joy. Continuous suffering, we have joy. No one said it was not hard, or that there wouldn’t be some sorrow. But we have a place of rest and joy we can go to through it all. Now that is worthy of praise!

‘Will have all they need’ and ‘will never lack any good thing.’ Even after God has brought you to a place of no fear and then given you joy, He still gives you everything else. We serve a God who looks after us and cares for us. He provides all we need. In a world driven by the need to survive, to have food, to pay for rent, to look after children, to clothe yourself, to have shelter and so much more, is this not something worthy of praise? Not only all we need, but never lacking in ‘any’ good thing. Oh yes, He is worthy of praise!

And we could go on, but one thing is always missed. The words before each of these things. ‘I prayed to the Lord’ or ‘those who look to him for help’ or ‘I cried out to the Lord’ or ‘those who trust in him!’ or ‘those who honor him’ and ‘those who trust in the Lord.’ All these things we give Him praise for are given to those who are His, are given to His people.

For when you read some of the reasons for praising Him above, your thoughts are most likely that of impossibility or craziness. Yet have you asked or are you asking? Have you looked to Him or cried out to the Lord? Have you to started to honor Him and trust Him or are you honoring and trusting Him? ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good.’ Even those who already know Him, there is still more to see and still more to praise Him for. ‘Let all who are discouraged take heart.’ Your heart will never know peace unless you come to the Lord and let Him take over your life. No, you say, we don’t believe it! Yet, have you tasted and seen?

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