Sharing The Love of Christ

Sharing The Love of Christ

“Most honorable Theophilus: …. Having carefully investigated all of these accounts from the beginning, I have decided to write a careful summary for you, to reassure you of the truth of all you were taught.” (Luke 1:3-4)

“The purpose of my instruction is that all the Christians there would be filled with love….” (1 Timothy 1:5)

I began reading Luke recently and the first verses of this book suddenly hit me. Dear Doctor Luke is still teaching us today about the love of Christ and how that love should be expressed in us. His outflow of love as a response to knowing Jesus is clearly seen in these first verses.

Did you know that Luke is the longest book of the new testament (counting words), followed by Acts and then Matthew? I definitely did not know that. When I read these verses, I looked it up. Why you may ask? Simply because it struck me that Luke wrote the book specifically for ‘one person’, namely Theophilus. That’s what made me pause and go back to these verses, Luke’s love for this one person. (I am not sure if he ever thought it would echo across centuries of people, showing that same love to millions.)

His love is shown simply because he is sharing Christ. That love is shown even more deeply because he has written the book to share Jesus with one person. I am not saying he only loved this one person, but that if we shared even an ounce of this love to one person, we could allow them to see Christ too. From scripture we can clearly see that Luke worked to share Christ with others, to share the love that he had already received. This one book is just an example of the love he shared. Do you not want to share the Love of God with others? To share His love with even one person to the extent that Luke did? Our hearts should burn to share His Love!

The starting point is always Jesus. Luke started from the beginning, he investigated all the stories of Jesus. Whether he became a believer before or after is not as important as the fact that he really knew Christ. He had a relationship with Him, he had experienced His Love first hand. Only by encountering the Love of God can we express love to others. Yes, we can love our parents and friends, but the depth of love we are talking about, real love, can only be found through Christ.

I have a friend who comes from a loving family, a very close family. Talking on the subject of love in a group we discussed how someone’s parents can know Jesus and share that love to their

children. Yet it is still a ‘second hand love’. Sharing that love is meant to bring us to Jesus, to a place where we have a first hand account of God’s amazing love. Like in John 4, where the samaritans responded by saying to the woman, ‘now we believe because we have heard him ourselves, not just because of what you told us.’ I know the Lord shone this truth into her heart. This did not bring down the love of her parents, but rather echoed how loving they really were in sharing Christ. For

‘God is Love’.

Those that know Christ understand this truth. Knowing this, we need to share this same truth to others. Let everything we do be ‘because Christ’s love controls us’. As Paul’s life and teachings were, let us live life so that those around us will be ‘filled with love’. Not only Christians, but all who have missed that incredible love that comes from the Father.

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