Your Precious Salvation


We tend to value things based on the process of how they were made. For example, many motor car enthusiasts will tell you that the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport is one of the most amazing cars in the world. It is a car that comes with mind blowing numbers. It has a top speed of over 430 km/h, making it the fastest production car in the world. Its price tag makes it one the most expensive as well –to buy one, if you can find one, you will have to fork out at least $2.5 million.

But it’s neither the top speed nor the price tag that makes it such a valuable, desirable car for many people. It is the process by which it is made. For example, the engine and brakes are made by hand. And this is in a world where machines have almost taken over. The tires will cost you at least $17000 to replace, and that’s because they had to be specially made for this car. It takes 5 weeks to make the car, compared to a VW Golf, which can be ready to buy in 30 hours. Only 450 have been made. VW has made over 30 million Golfs ever since they first brought out the car.

So if any of you are inspired to buy me a car, I’ll gladly send you the contact details of a Bugatti dealer 🙂

It’s not just in cars that we value process and quality. In the world of handbags, an Hermes Belkin bag is something the rich and famous will kill for. You can get one, but only if you have at least $200 000 to spend, and they allow you to buy it.

Once again, it is the process that makes it so valuable and expensive.It is made entirely by hand, using only the highest quality crocodile leather and jewels available. The bag has to be nothing less than perfect – it is made slowly and patiently, taking almost 18 hours per bag.

But, let us come back to the real world -the world of salvation from sin. As you hear this, your heart might groan in you, as I was also tempted to think, ‘oh, not again! I need something new, something fresh and exciting’.

But we need to refresh our hearts and minds on just how precious and valuable our salvation is, by seeing anew the process by which we come to have it. It was not whipped up in a few minutes like fast from Chicken Inn. Rather it was planned and prepared for us by the personal hand of God, even before the world began. And because it is such a quality, precious product – it will last through eternity.

So the first thing that makes your salvation so precious is that God mercifully made our consciences alive and gave us the grief and sorrow needed for repentance

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